Locally Roasted Coffee.

Sold Across the US.

Friendly Coffee Shop.

Located at 28 N 1st Street in Downtown Yakima
Open Daily 7am - 9pm


Responsible Sourcing

We support a farmer collective system that not only ensures fair trade and prices for green beans, but also provides farmers year-round technical and sustainability support, best practices, training in good agronomy practices, as well as in making the best use of their land for future generations.

The beans we source come from local Community Lots or Microlots in Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Africa. Just like supporting local business here in Yakima, you will help support local coffee farmers and their families around the world.

How Can We Serve You?

From our friendly local coffee shop to selling across the nation, MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters wants to be your #1 choice!
Heck, our own city already made that choice 😉

All of our coffee is roasted right here in Yakima ensuring you the experience of the freshest coffee possible.

The difference between store-bought coffee that has been sitting on shelves for weeks and freshly roasted beans will open you up to a whole new world!

Treat yourself to the way coffee was meant to be enjoyed.