Locally owned and operated in the Yakima Valley, MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters is known for its uniquely crafted, single-origin coffee roasts.

We use only the best of the best, premium and specialty coffee beans. Why settle for mediocrity when you can indulge in an affordable luxury sourced from around the world and roasted right here in Yakima, Washington.

Whether you’re one of the early adopters of the Third Wave, or scratching your head wondering what all the hoopla is about artisanal roasting, we are here for you.

Bourbon Infused

Our exclusive Bourbon Infused coffee combines the subtle flavor of premium bourbon with a blend of ethically sourced Arabica beans. The proprietary infusion process takes a painstakingly 21 days to ensure a delicious blend for the bourbon connoisseur who appreciates a premium cup of coffee.

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Colombia – Light Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Orange, Brown Sugar, Caramel, CherryBODY: HeavyACIDITY: BrightPROCESS: WashedMOISTURE: 12.50% Huila is currently the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. However, it’s development was unconventional and unlike other regions such as Antioquia, Santander or Cundinamarca. Abundant labor from Huila, traveled to traditional coffee producing provinces to work as pickers.…

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Costa Rica – Medium Light Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Black Tea, Lemon, CocoaBODY: MediumACIDITY: BrightPROCESS: Washed The West Valley consists of five main towns: Atenas, San Ramon, Palmares, Naranjo, and Grecia. It’s surrounded by the Poas and Barva volcanos in the east and the San Ramon and Turrubares Mountains in the west. Unlike other regions, slopes in…

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Valley Blend – Medium Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Almond, Green Apple, Plum, Light Chocolate Our most popular seller, Valley Blend, is a medium roast using premium beans sourced from the South and Central Americas to provide a smooth, balanced cup of coffee.

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Let’s Go Brandon! – Medium Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Liberty, Freedom, Equality Our Let’s Go Brandon roast is a blend of three different beans we developed that provide a smooth, medium roast. It’s the perfect roast to start your day but it is a limited edition; so hurry and get your bag today!

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Guatemala – Medium Dark Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Citrus Fruit, Herb-likeBODY: MediumACIDITY: BrightPROCESS: WashedMOISTURE: 11.60% Finca Las Naranjas is owned by Don Ruben Ajualip Gonzalez. He has been one of the most important collaborators in the project. Don Ruben inherited his farm from his father some years ago, but it was in 2005 when…

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Honduras – Dark Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Apple, Cane SugarBODY: HeavyACIDITY: MediumPROCESS: Washed Located in the western part of Honduras, Pacavita is surrounded by biological reserves and mountain ranges. The rainy season results in beautiful cherries, and the clear dry season during harvest allows producers to sun dry coffee once they are…

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Valley Blend – Dark Roast

Valley Blend Dark Roast, is a darker, more robust roast of our popular Valley Blend for the coffee drinker that enjoys a darker roast level.

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Peru – Dark Roast

CUPPING NOTES: Walnut, Chocolate, Nougat, RaisinBODY: MediumACIDITIY: MildProcess: Washed A smooth body, mild acidity and classic flavors. Essentially, a candy bar. The chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire, the fittest and most highly trained individuals; the best of the best. They would not only run messages across great…

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Artfully Roasted Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep.

MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters’ house blends consist of complementary origins, each roasted at optimal degrees to unlock the desired fragrance and taste profile.

Pairing the best methods with the best roasters and machinery, we make specialty coffees that you will enjoy.